Computer & Wifi servics

The Madera Mail Drop Offers Affordable Fast PC & Internet Access

Need a PC or Internet access, but don’t have either one? The Madera Mail Drop makes life easy by providing convenient, fast PC & Internet rental in Madera. Here at The Madera Mail Drop, you also can print your documents in B&W or color.

At The Madera Mail Drop, you can find self-service computers and friendly staff to help with any of your printing needs. Get access to computers, software, and the internet.

We offer access to computer rental workstations to:

  • Create, edit and print black & white or color documents  
  • Browse the internet  
  • Scan documents  
  • Update your résumé  
  • Or just check your email
  • Check Social Media    

We remove your documents and visited websites from our workstations after every session, so you can feel secure. Also save time with self-service pay so you can get in and out quickly.

Here are just some of the popular software packages available:

  • Microsoft® Office 365: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher 
  • Adobe® Suite: Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker and InDesign  
  • Internet software: Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 8 
  • Chat software: MSN and Yahoo!  
  • And more